Improving our crawler engine

If you have logged to in last hour or so, you might have noticed some changes. Last 10 days, we have been working hard to improve SilverReader UI and backend / crawler.

Latest version of the crawler engine is just deployed. We have fixed some issues that our users have been reported to us, as well as those we have noticed in the meantime. More details on what’s changed since the first version will be available soon in the next post.

Note that some users might get some duplicated posts. We’re sorry about that. There were feeds that weren’t correctly saved to the db, and crawler might re-download them, now that they are fixed. Thanks for your understanding.

Happy reading!
Your SilverReader team

Going live

Today we are going live with a first beta version of SilverReader, our Google Reader alternative.

We have started working on it few months ago, after Google’s announcement that they will retire Google Reader on June 1. Although a bunch of other alternatives emerged in the meantime, we hope to provide some unique features for our users.

Here are some of SilverReader features:

  • Free, based on freemium business model
  • Simple layout, similar as in Google Reader
  • Speed – fast post retrieval, small network footprint, optimized user interface
  • Support for a lot of formats (RSS, RDF, Atom…)
  • Import from Google Reader or OPML file
  • Export to OPML
  • HTTPS / SSL support
  • Keyboard shortcuts, same as in Google Reader

For more details, check our Knowledge Base.

Future updates will be announced on this blog and also on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Visit SilverReader now!

Happy reading! Your SilverReader team.