Major update – version 1.1

After few months of development, we have just published version 1.1, a first major update of SilverReader. So, what’s new? A lot of things…

Bootstrap 3

We have upgraded to Bootstrap 3 framework and reworked the layout to be fully responsive. The web version of SilverReader is now usable on wider range of devices.

We have also upgraded to Durandal 2.0. Among other things, this upgrade enabled us to make URL driven views without much problems. As you select folders and feeds, switch to settings and subscription, your URL will be modified as you would expected from a standard web page.


P.S. While there, please consider supporting Durandal’s Kickstarter campaign. This fantastic framework certainly deserves it’s place among other MV* frameworks such as Angular, Backbone, Ember.js…

jQuery and Knockout libraries are upgraded to latest versions. Both of them should provide small performance improvements.

Beside upgrades, there are also new features, most of which are requested by you and of course a lot of bug fixes. Here are some screenshots:

And finally, here’s the full list of changes for version 1.1:

  • Responsive design all over – much more usable on smaller devices
  • Subscribe is now a separate view and allows you to search for feeds
  • All views and filters (feeds, folders) now have unique URLs making browser navigation easier
  • Added support for custom feed and folder ordering
  • Added workaround for decoding problems on some browsers – decoding support is now detected automatically, but you can change it in settings
  • Added auto-refresh – unread count for feeds and folders is refreshed in 5 minute intervals and also when you get back to the SilverReader tab / window
  • Feeds and folders area is now hidden on small devices, but most of the options are available in new Filter button that is visible on small devices and when you hide feeds area with ‘u’ shortcut
  • Added filter dialogs for feeds and folders, accessible with keyboard shortcuts and via new Filter button
  • Added more sharing options – Buffer, Delicious, Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket and StumbleUpon
  • Added more recommended feeds
  • Added more Google Reader keyboard shortcuts (‘g d’ – go to recommendations, ‘g u’ – open feed filter, ‘g t’ – open folder filter)
  • Upgraded all client-side dependencies – Bootstrap, Durandal, jQuery, Knockout, Font Awesome…
  • Upgraded most of server-side dependencies
  • Style fixes on list and expanded view headers
  • Reorganized toggle options in All items context menu to use less vertical space
  • All options from All items context menu are now also available in Settings view
  • Fixed a problem with publish dates that are too far in the future
  • Fixed an issue with relative URLs
  • Fixed an issue with some HTML tags in post title not properly encoded
  • Fixed the sizing of images and media elements on smaller displays
  • Fixed the problem with selecting last item in expanded view on bigger monitors
  • A lot of smaller bug fixes, refactorings and optimizations

After the update, we noticed several bugs. In the next few days, we’ll make sure those bugs are fixed and update the help content. Expect another update regarding our mobile apps soon.

As always, thank you for your support! We hope you’ll enjoy it.
Your SilverReader team.

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