Version change log

As usual, here’s the summary of changes between versions and that was published yesterday.

  • When one feed is selected on the left, feed title above feed items will be a link to feed home page
  • Also, RSS icon next to feed title will be a direct link to RSS feed
  • Added “Visit home page” and “Visit original feed URL” feed context menu options
  • Added Shift+V shortcut and feed item context menu option for opening an original post in popup window
  • Log in using Google or Facebook will now be remembered – no need to log in again when restarting the browser
  • Implemented support for system messages – don’t worry, we’ll use this only for very important system updates
  • Share on Twitter button now sets the item title as the tweet text
  • Fixed problem with email and open in new window shortcuts
  • Shortcuts like bookmark item and open in new window are now working on current item also
  • Fixed problem with Rename feed not working on Uncategorized folder
  • Fixed problem with OPML import on Internet Explorer 9
  • Various crawler engine improvements and optimizations
  • Small user interface fixes and improvements

Some feed edge cases are now supported in crawler. If you had some feeds not working before, you might notice that they are fetched now.

Again, a big thanks for our users for reporting issues, posting ideas and helping SilverReader to improve.

Your SilverReader team.

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