Version change log

5 days ago, we had a post describing version changes. In the meantime, we bumped the version up to, with several new features, optimizations and bug fixes.

  • Feeds and folders are now always sorted by name
  • Implemented Hide read folders and feeds option
  • Moving on to next items now work across folders and feeds – if you are on the last item in the current folder or feed, and try to move further (with Next button, j shortcut, space…), you’ll go to next folder or feed
  • Implemented URL based subscription
  • Added SilverReader bookmarklet for easier subscription from any browser
  • Added support for registering SilverReader as feed handler in Firefox and Opera (<15)
  • Support for registering SilverReader as feed handler can be added to Chrome with an extension
  • Several JavaScript libraries are upgraded to latest version, including Knockout, which should improve client side performance a little
  • You can now subscribe to directly from SilverReader – for official blog posts 😉
  • Fixed a bug with keyboard shortcuts in Firefox when Search for text when I start typing Firefox option is turned on
  • Minor bug fixes in crawler and interface

SilverReader subscribe popup

Stay tuned for more goodness!