Version change log

As promised in the last post, here is the list of changes we implemented between first version, that went live on June 28, and version, that we have deployed yesterday. We didn’t jumped straight from to There were several versions in the meantime, with bug fixes and various improvements.

BTW, you can find out the current SilverReader version if you click on a Help button on the top, next to your user name. Version number is displayed on help popup, after copyright information.

  • Implemented RTL (right-to-left) languages support. This was a most voted idea we had on our User Voice page. We first tried with client-side support, but RTL detection wasn’t satisfactory. Version brings server side detection of RTL languages.
  • UI speed is even more improved, especially on Firefox and IE
  • Crawler has been improved to handles more feeds
  • Handling of posts with malformed HTML is improved
  • Removed a button for direct Google Reader import, since it wasn’t working as of July 2.
  • Fixed the bug with scrolling using touch-screen
  • Fixed issue with scrolling in Opera 12.15
  • Fixed title display problem in list view for Opera and Safari
  • Fixed crawler and subscription issue when some feeds have incorrect published date
  • Fixed a problem with saving changes in settings after organizing feeds
  • Fixed compression / decompression bugs that were causing posts to contain garbage on some user machines / browsers
  • Fixed a problem where HTML content of some ATOM feeds was HTML encoded
  • Other small layout fixes

Most of the problems in the list above were reported by our users through User Voice. Some users even offered us help or solution to a problem! It’s so great to have a client base like that. Thank you so much!

As we move on towards the future version, expect more features rolling out daily / weekly, with small version number increments. will bring a more polished and responsive web user interface and more features requested by you, so don’t hesitate to ask. Also, we will be speeding up the development of standalone mobile apps. Android first.

If you really like SilverReader, let the world know. Help us reach out to more users. Like us, tweet us, plus us… Thank you!

Enjoy! Your SilverReader team

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