Version change log

As usual, here’s the summary of changes between versions and that was published yesterday.

  • When one feed is selected on the left, feed title above feed items will be a link to feed home page
  • Also, RSS icon next to feed title will be a direct link to RSS feed
  • Added “Visit home page” and “Visit original feed URL” feed context menu options
  • Added Shift+V shortcut and feed item context menu option for opening an original post in popup window
  • Log in using Google or Facebook will now be remembered – no need to log in again when restarting the browser
  • Implemented support for system messages – don’t worry, we’ll use this only for very important system updates
  • Share on Twitter button now sets the item title as the tweet text
  • Fixed problem with email and open in new window shortcuts
  • Shortcuts like bookmark item and open in new window are now working on current item also
  • Fixed problem with Rename feed not working on Uncategorized folder
  • Fixed problem with OPML import on Internet Explorer 9
  • Various crawler engine improvements and optimizations
  • Small user interface fixes and improvements

Some feed edge cases are now supported in crawler. If you had some feeds not working before, you might notice that they are fetched now.

Again, a big thanks for our users for reporting issues, posting ideas and helping SilverReader to improve.

Your SilverReader team.

Version change log

We have published another version today – This time, we mostly have bug fixes and improvements.

  • Added support for feed:// URI scheme
  • Fixed problem with loading HTTPS feeds with invalid SSL certificate
  • Fixed problem with domains not accepting HEAD request – we now do a full GET request for those
  • Workaround for bad feeds returning both the content and 404 error
  • Workaround for feeds using incorrect encoding name
  • Fixed bug with expanded view scrolling – scrolling over small items would sometimes cause the “jump” above the item
  • Fixed bug with expanded view scrolling – sometimes it would throw you back to the top of the viewport when using keyboard shortcut J or Next button
  • Fixed bug with not marking some items as read when scrolling with space key and mouse wheel
  • Few minor crawler fixes

For all our users who asked for new features and reported bugs, a big THANK YOU!

We’re moving on, trying to dedicate more time on mobile apps now, Android first.

Stay tuned!
Your SilverReader team

Version change log

5 days ago, we had a post describing version changes. In the meantime, we bumped the version up to, with several new features, optimizations and bug fixes.

  • Feeds and folders are now always sorted by name
  • Implemented Hide read folders and feeds option
  • Moving on to next items now work across folders and feeds – if you are on the last item in the current folder or feed, and try to move further (with Next button, j shortcut, space…), you’ll go to next folder or feed
  • Implemented URL based subscription
  • Added SilverReader bookmarklet for easier subscription from any browser
  • Added support for registering SilverReader as feed handler in Firefox and Opera (<15)
  • Support for registering SilverReader as feed handler can be added to Chrome with an extension
  • Several JavaScript libraries are upgraded to latest version, including Knockout, which should improve client side performance a little
  • You can now subscribe to directly from SilverReader – for official blog posts šŸ˜‰
  • Fixed a bug with keyboard shortcuts in Firefox when Search for text when I start typing Firefox option is turned on
  • Minor bug fixes in crawler and interface

SilverReader subscribe popup

Stay tuned for more goodness!

Version change log

As promised in the last post, here is the list of changes we implemented between first version, that went live on June 28, and version, that we have deployed yesterday. We didn’t jumped straight from to There were several versions in the meantime, with bug fixes and various improvements.

BTW, you can find out the current SilverReader version if you click on a Help button on the top, next to your user name. Version number is displayed on help popup, after copyright information.

  • Implemented RTL (right-to-left) languages support. This was a most voted idea we had on our User Voice page. We first tried with client-side support, but RTL detection wasn’t satisfactory. Version brings server side detection of RTL languages.
  • UI speed is even more improved, especially on Firefox and IE
  • Crawler has been improved to handles more feeds
  • Handling of posts with malformed HTML is improved
  • Removed a button for direct Google Reader import, since it wasn’t working as of July 2.
  • Fixed the bug with scrolling using touch-screen
  • Fixed issue with scrolling in Opera 12.15
  • Fixed title display problem in list view for Opera and Safari
  • Fixed crawler and subscription issue when some feeds have incorrect published date
  • Fixed a problem with saving changes in settings after organizing feeds
  • Fixed compression / decompression bugs that were causing posts to contain garbage on some user machines / browsers
  • Fixed a problem where HTML content of some ATOM feeds was HTML encoded
  • Other small layout fixes

Most of the problems in the list above were reported by our users through User Voice. Some users even offered us help or solution to a problem! It’s so great to have a client base like that. Thank you so much!

As we move on towards the future version, expect more features rolling out daily / weekly, with small version number increments. will bring a more polished and responsive web user interface and more features requested by you, so don’t hesitate to ask. Also, we will be speeding up the development of standalone mobile apps. Android first.

If you really like SilverReader, let the world know. Help us reach out to more users. Like us, tweet us, plus us… Thank you!

Enjoy! Your SilverReader team

Improving our crawler engine

If you have logged to in last hour or so, you might have noticed some changes. Last 10 days, we have been working hard to improve SilverReader UI and backend / crawler.

Latest version of the crawler engine is just deployed. We have fixed some issues that our users have been reported to us, as well as those we have noticed in the meantime. More details on what’s changed since the first version will be available soon in the next post.

Note that some users might get some duplicated posts. We’re sorry about that. There were feeds that weren’t correctly saved to the db, and crawler might re-download them, now that they are fixed. Thanks for your understanding.

Happy reading!
Your SilverReader team

Recap and future roadmap

Our status after 5 days live

We are pretty satisfied with our customer base growth after 5 days live. It seams that people love our service and a lot of registered users are coming back. There hasn’t been any large issues so far, like other competitors have experienced (Feedly lost user feeds subscriptions), so we are pleased.

What do we expect from our users?

We expect a lot of feedback. Please send us your wishes, desires and also problems (if you have any) using SilverReader feedback. We’ll be happy as long as our users are happy.

What have we done so far?

Our back-end services are fine tuned, so we can proudly say that we have one of the fastest back-ends out there. We have also published our desktop-browser optimized website, which is by far theĀ  fastest RSS reader available online right now (it’s about 2 – 3x faster than Google Reader was and much faster that any other competitor).

One of our users said on Twitter : ā€œSilverReader is as fast as a native applicationā€ and we are proud of that.

In the last few days, some minor bugs are fixed. We are also working on RTL language support. Some basic RTL language support is already published, but in next few days, our users can expect more improvement on that functionality.

What are our future plans?

For us, the most important thing is to listen to our users and adapt our plans according to their wishes. Currently, we plan to:

  1. Make sure that web version is stable and work consistently on all browsers
  2. Improve responsive design our web version across tablet / mobile devices
  3. Add some additional features to web version (great new features are coming which will not affect the simplicity of User interface)
  4. Deliver Android / iPhone / iPad apps
  5. Deliver Windows Phone / Windows 8 / RT apps

Do you think that we need to change our roadmap or that we missed something? Just drop us a comment or give us some feedback on SilverReader UserVoice.

Thank you for the phenomenal first 5 days. Stay tuned for more news.

Happy reading! Your SilverReader team.